Thursday, April 30, 2009

Something New

Welcome to Paper Pastries.  We offer a line of personal stationery and greeting cards. Obsessions include: stationery, photography, typography, design, and sweets. It's a goal of mine to visit every stationery store and bakery/sweet shop in every city.  I am starting with the west coast (California, Oregon, Washington) then will be moving on to New York and rest of the world. If you know of a shop I'd fall in love with, let me know. A northern california trip is planned soon. Some Seattle posts are coming soon.
*just a note- all photos were taken by me, margaret haas, unless otherwise noted.


  1. I'm very excited for this Paper Pastries blog!

  2. This is all fantastic! It looks amazing and you have really interesting blogs! Way to go - love it. Adding this to my bookmarks. Right. Now.

  3. I seriously love the logo - sums up everything perfectly in an adorable and delectable icon!

  4. have you been to spinkles in los angeles? what about susina? I like crumbs better of the three below. We should go to a bakery together sometime.

  5. Hi! I met you briefly at Renegade. Loving your blog. Tons of LA bakery suggestions, too. Delilah's and Auntie Em's in Echo Park, Lark in Silverlake, The Alcove in Los Feliz Village. Surely you've been to Sweet Lady Jane in WeHo?



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