Thursday, May 28, 2009

The All in One

Whatever your heart (or mouth) desires! Whenever I meet my friend Amy for lunch there is never a question about where we should go. Whether we are in the mood for a quiche, tart, latte, or meat lasagna- Susina has it all. 

An amazing selection of chocolate:

Gourmet honey 

Delicious preserves. 

Every color size and shape of cake plates.

The Amazing Pastry Case!

How do they fit so many strawberries on one cake?

Their Pear Tart- best heated!

Yes friends, that is an Oreo crust.

More Deliciousness:

Visit Susina 


Monday-Friday 7am-11pm

Saturday-Sunday 8am-11pm

all photos by paper pastries

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Don't judge a cake by it's frosting

It started out alright.

"Beat cake mix, water, oil and eggs in large bowl on low speed 2 minutes, scraping bowl occasionally."
Totally doable!

 "Pour into pan" 

Heat oven to 350 degrees. For two 8 inch rounds bake 29-34 minutes.

I'm amazing.

Now for beautiful pink frosting!

and then things went downhill

Not terrible...

Not great...

Not Good!

In the end it tasted alright but looked horrible! 
Obviously :)
What are those bumps!

all photos by paper pastries

Monday, May 25, 2009

Party Crafts!

 The party was a huge success. The guest list was small so I thought it would be fun to make hats that I saw on Martha
 I simplified the instructions because they were a bit too involved.

 First trace 2 circles using a 10 inch plate. I used 12 x 12 white scrapbook paper.

Overlay the two circles about a third of the way.  The instructions say to attach using white glue which I tried and it was a mess. I ended up using double sided tape. After the two pieces were attached I stamped "30" on the front in black. Now you can form it into a cone and adhere.

The end result turned out pretty cute!

 For party favors I got white boxes from the Paper Source.

(They are the same color as the envelopes used to mail the invites.) First I stamped the 30 on the top then filled with toffee covered peanuts, a favorite among family members.

I had wallet sized pictures made, placed them on top of the box and tied it all together with a black satin ribbon.
I think it's a nice touch to have your guests leave with a tangible memory from the party. A smaller guest list will keep the making and cost of favors down.

And the Toppers looked great on top of my sister's homemade cheesecake with ginger snap crust.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Anniversary Invitations

Some people get inspiration from the party for the invitations. I like it the other way around.
*Classic and Simple*
 I am a fan of using color and I got a little bored with the black and white so I used textured watercolor paper. I took a calligraphy workshop from the Paper Source and have been practicing. I know it's not amazing but I wanted to really put it to the test or I'll never really learn. The class was really helpful and I definitely recommend taking one you're interested in.
Arches cold press water color paper in natural white  from Blick Art.

The "30" was printed using rubber stamps.

If you couldn't tell how big these envelopes are here is a pen for scale.
Giant envelopes on sale from the Paper Source.
Im pretty happy with they way they came out and I think the stamped 30 would be a cute motif for a party invitation too.

Monday, May 18, 2009

I love ETSY

You can always find the perfect gift.
My parent's 30th Anniversary is tomorrow and my sister and I are throwing them a party this Sunday.
I thought it would be cute to get custom cake toppers for the occasion and they came today.
They are so great- The color of his suit, the bow ties hanging down her shoulders, and her veil is so pretty.
I think my parents will love them.

A picture of them on their wedding day for reference:

all photos by paper pastries

Friday, May 15, 2009

LA Landmark (for good reason)

The LA Farmers Market is celebrating it's 75th year! It has always been a great place for fresh fruit and gourmet meat
 but they offer much more than that. In this one location you can try cuisine from many countries: japan, greece, china, mexico, korea, brazil, and france.  The best part is deciding what to get for dessert! Here are some of my favorite stands:

A new addition that fits right in! What did I ever do without it?
Great place for fresh (daily) baked bread and a treat!

Stall # 330 
(323) 933-9211

Delicious toffee, fudge, and amazing caramel apples

Stall #432

Gill's Old Fashioned Ice Cream Stand
The place to go for a cold treat.

They have the best signs:

Stall # 416 
(323) 936-7986

Open Every Day
Monday-Friday 9am-9pm
Saturday 9am-8pm
Sunday 10am-7pm

Corner of 3rd and Fairfax

2 hours free with purchase validation from Farmers Market
(I suggest going earlier in the day and the week.)
thursday-sunday the parking is a nightmare!

all photos by paper pastries
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