Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Anniversary Invitations

Some people get inspiration from the party for the invitations. I like it the other way around.
*Classic and Simple*
 I am a fan of using color and I got a little bored with the black and white so I used textured watercolor paper. I took a calligraphy workshop from the Paper Source and have been practicing. I know it's not amazing but I wanted to really put it to the test or I'll never really learn. The class was really helpful and I definitely recommend taking one you're interested in.
Arches cold press water color paper in natural white  from Blick Art.

The "30" was printed using rubber stamps.

If you couldn't tell how big these envelopes are here is a pen for scale.
Giant envelopes on sale from the Paper Source.
Im pretty happy with they way they came out and I think the stamped 30 would be a cute motif for a party invitation too.


  1. You're calligraphy is so nice! I like how it's still a little bit your style.

  2. Also, I love the printed number motif on everything.



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