Wednesday, May 6, 2009


When you walk into this shop you feel as though you've stepped back to a 1950's high school. There's more to notice as you start to wander through the spacious areas and find product descriptions written on vintage chalkboards and shiny typewriter keys that beg to be touched.

Don't take my word for it, see for yourself!
Hours are noon-?
But if you'd like to see more now...

"Child Development" 

Adorable prints (above and below) from Binth 

Metal file boxes hold different notebooks

 "Home Ec" complete with everything you need

to sew and knit,

plus, a beautiful selection of fabrics and threads.

And that special touch, from Japan.

The perfect gift for your crafty friend, hand screened organic cotton tote.

 "Student of the Month"

This little wooden plaque with a letterman sweater is too perfect

 i love this.

A section of the "Library"

And finally, the cards:

Numbered cards from Sweet beets.

I almost feel like I shouldn't be watching this but I can't look away

Love these elephants!

Goods from Hammer Press

A new take on the Zodiac

A Great selection of La Familia Green:

james franco! xxoxox

I'd say RS's card selection makes the grade. 

Too Cute! 
This store is perfect. The only thing missing is...a teacher?

If you dont want to go to Reform School then I'd say you're a:

all photos by paper pastries

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  1. I'm really enjoying your shop tours - it's always fun to peek inside stores that I'm unable to visit. Thanks so much for including a photo of some Sweetbeets cards in your tour of Reform School!

    Best wishes for lots of success at Renegade Craft this summer!



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