Sunday, May 3, 2009

Send your mother a card!

You have to.  Sunday is Mother's Day.  She would appreciate flowers and a Sunday brunch, but if you can't she is guaranteed to love a hand written note from you.
You have less than a week if you have to mail it!  Don't panic, you still have time if you order today. Put her card in the mail this week. And don't forget grandma. Here are some sources to help you choose:

For the Meticulous mom from Warpe Design

  For the Accountant mom from a.favorite

For the  3-D mom from Tracy Chong

For the Pun Loving mom from Todd Brant
inside message reads:

For the Board Game mom from Tagliatela 

For the Boozy mom from Blue Barn House

For the Morning Mom also from Blue Barn House

For the lovely mom from Foxy and Winston

For the Bird Watcher mom from La Familia Green

For the Seamstress Mom from Paper And Twine

For the Writer mom also from Paper And Twine

For the Jewish Mom from Lizard Press

For the International mom from Orange Twist 

For the wiener or dog loving mom from  Spark Stationery 
with the cutest matching envelope:

For the New (and good sense of humor) mom, also from Spark Letterpress

For the Classic Mom from Hearts and Anchors

For the Long distance Mom from Greenwich Letterpress

For the Elegant mom from Elevated Press 

For the Caffeine Addicted mom from Paper Mango 

For the Tattooed (or tattoo admiring) Mom from Betty Turbo

For the Animal Lover Mom from Orange Twist

For the Cocky Mom from Odd Ball Press

For the Best Mom Ever from Dutch Door Press

all photos from linked sites

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  1. I bought the "Even though I live in ______" card, only I put a question mark. I did forget Grandma! Thanks for the reminder! Oye!



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