Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Curiosity Shoppe-San Francisco Mission District

 This is the first store I've been to where I haven't made an immediate beeline for the cards. This is not like any store I've ever been to before! 
A "book" shelf!
and regular books too!
Really great necklaces! Open sign by Mark Pawson & Tatty Devine,
Say Cheese by Art School dropout,
Twiggy Saw and Crossed Arrows (beside it ) by Regina Pruss,
Little gold envelope by chain, chain, chain.
These two phones are so great I could never choose. I miss landlines.

I know it's always something you've wanted to do.
This will make your friends terrified to spill on your couch! by PATCH NY
Fun for all ages.
Why are these so pretty? 5 Porcelain Keys. From Curiosity Shops website: "We love it when people come into the store and ask, "What are these for?". What aren't they for?" LOL. Isn't it obvious? 
Hang on this Mustache Key Ring by Ben Floeter, which is currently sold out online but it's also available in a cute mini version.
You never know what you might find in here...
maybe some fuzzies?
Or this awesome pencil.
I'm sure you can think of a reason to give these hand embroidered pipes by Patch NY.
This shelving/cabinet/display blew me away. Its perfect.

Another great find from Ben Floeter and Natalie Wright, check out Suddenly It's Real.

Build a scene with these wooden rubber stamps by yellow owl workshop.

Know a bird lover? These would be a great gift.

A wooden, working radio with ipod hook up. Definitely the coolest radio I've ever seen.

I love San Francisco! Its shops like these that make it my favorite city.
And as for the card selection- it's great but you'll have to check it out for yourself. I'd like a saying like "whose going to visit the store if you give the milk away for free" any suggestions? But I will show you this awesome stationery related purchase:

An address book for the Letter Writers Alliance- 16 Sparrows you are Genius. 

I will fill this up with addresses of my pen pal club, if I ever have one.
Now I need this matching stationery.

Closed Mondays
Tuesday-Saturday 12pm-8pm
Sunday 12pm-6pm

all photos by paper pastries

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  1. Amazing collection of curiosities. Thanks for giving us an in depth look inside the shoppe.
    L+D are superstars.



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