Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dear Old Dad

Father's day is Sunday June 21st this year!

For the awesome dad.

For the Frank Lloyd Wright (font) loving dad.
Imagine the patience it takes to cut this out, I'm amazed. Tracy Chong how do you do it?

For the wisest dad.

For your papa bear!

For the dad who loves displaying, this would be a winner.

For the body builder dad.

For the Guzzler dad.

For the animal lover dad.

For the classic dad.

For the typography loving dad.

For the generous dad.

For the Lumberjack dad.
Also from Dude & Chick.

For the Folk music dad.

For the dad whose always rocked the mustache.

For the flashcard loving dad.
Hijirk (free shipping!)

For the chow hound dad.

For the dad who feels on top of the world

For the handy-man dad.

For the all around dad.

For the best dad.

My personal favorites later this week.

all photos from linked sites


  1. You are Rugged and Manly??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahhahahah!



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