Friday, June 5, 2009

Miette Bakery-San Francisco Marina District

Everything about this bakery is gorgeous. Its clear so much thought and time put into every little detail.
I couldn't get enough.

Sherbet colored birthday candles.

Fresh flowers make any space better.

A small part of their candy selection.

Any new mom would love to get these! Also available in blue.

Pretty pastel Italian candies.

I want this just for the packaging.

Good hostess gift!

Yellow Cupcakes with Strawberry butter cream.

Unknown beauty!

 Mini Schartten Berger cake.

Yellow Cupcakes with Vanilla butter cream.

Old Fashioned Cupcakes. Too cute!

Vanilla Tomboy, 

or Strawberry!

Lemon Debutante.
You MUST go. It's too perfect. There are three convenient locations all over the city.
I went to the location in the Marina but I hear that each is different! Next trip I hope to see more.
Monday-Sunday 10pm-8pm
all photos by paper pastries


  1. the old fashioned cupcakes are so pretty!

  2. This is where my husband gets my birthday cakes from!! They are soooo amazing! I love your photos!

  3. Thanks Teri. You're so lucky you get birthday cakes from Miette, I am jealous!



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