Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Twig & Fig-North Berkeley

More often than not, a place or person can only be great at one thing.  This is not the case at Twig & Fig. They combine a fully functioning letterpress studio, custom design space, and stationery store in one. 

Their pressroom: I couldn't think of a better place for that poster.

Original Heidelberg: The myth, the machine, the legend.

The most intense-heavy-duty paper cutter. 

Hand poured plaster/resin letters from England

White + Gold file folder cases and candy colored binders. Useful + Beautiful make the perfect office supplies.

I was talking to one of the owners and he designed and built all of the curved wooden shelves.

I love these simple pink school supplies.

Luxurious papers.

I want this writing desk!

Lots of pens and pencils.

While I was in the press room, I saw their current project:

Oak and Koa wood greeting cards!

They weren't packaged up yet but I loved them and asked if I could buy them immediately.

They are even better in person.

I love gold.

The wood is so pretty!

And this card just blew me away.
Its part of an original collection of animal portraits by Rigel Stuhmiller.
First, the image is carved out of linoleum, then a polymer plate is made to letterpress the image.
I can't imagine how long this takes! Plus I love the little preview on the envelope (above)
A custom carved pet portrait would be such a caring original gift for a pet lover.

I love the shop, I love the pressroom, I love the people! 


Closed Sundays
Monday-Saturday 10pm-6pm

all photos by paper pastries

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