Friday, July 31, 2009

LA Blogger's Social!

Thank you to 100 layer cake and parcel post &ampfor hosting the party last night, and for lemonade + vanilla bake shop for providing treats!
The event was held in the back of the shop in a lovely patio area complete with benches, globe lights and music.

There was this amazing gift bag for everyone who came!

Chocolate chip with kosher salt cookies! Love savory + sweet.
Maple syrup bacon anyone?

Elaborately decorated cookies from sweet ambs.

Mini prints from Gabrielle Kai

Darling chrysanthemum earrings from love nit.

so cute!

hand sewn notebook from tiny pine press.

Tweet heart wall arts moo card- so sweet.

Cupcake decal from Tweet heart.

Graph paper notepad from Urbanic.
Greeting card from White elephant

White elephants mini letterpressed business card is so cute!

Wiley Valentine had bags printed for this event! It was like a gift bag inside another gift bag.

a great business card must be shown.

I was impressed when I saw the front...

and again when I read the back!

The detail in this card is really great.

And a set of address labels from yours truly.
A really fun event; big thanks to everyone who helped plan it & who attended.
Click out these blogs of the attendees:

all photos by paper pastries


It's time to let me know what you'd like as a new card or stationery set!
Please leave your vote as a comment and let me know why you think it should win.

Here are your *choices:

  • Musical instruments
  • Same sex commitment cards
  • Pet condolences
  • "Foodie" line of some kind/kitchen utensils
  • Carnival theme: carousels Ferris wheels fireworks etc
  • Excuse note like home sick from school note

*These ideas came from a contest at my booth at Renegade craft fair.

I'm excited to see what idea wins!

photo from here

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hand Drawn Lettering

To think about how cheap, fast, and easy everything is these days; it's understandable that people still want to make something beautiful with their hands. Imagine the joy when someone finds one of these in their mailbox. I'm enamored.

2 of each make of this set of 6 folded cards. Hand lettered by Neapolitan

2 of each in this set of sherbet colored cards. Hand lettered by Leafie Calligraphy.

Gold ink on Cranes Ecru. Gorgeous! Hand lettered by Honey Lux.
all photos from linked sites

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Paper Pastries Etsy shop!

It's finally up and running. All items are hand stamped and original designs. My shop link will in the right hand column near to top. For you, a sneak peek at what's in store:

T-H-A-N-K- each letter is individually punched out by hand Y-O-U hand stamped in black ink

Part of the very exclusive Paper Pastries Signature line.

Home, Sweeter Home moving announcements.

The Diana camera; part of the Signed, Sealed, & Delivered Stationery Sets.

One of the many bookplate designs.

West coast love.

I've left my heart in a lot of places. I wanted these for long distance love and/or friendship.

One design from the address labels collection.

Paper Pastries also is available for custom design, email and lets talk!

all photos by paper pastries

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Down by the sea- where the watermelons grow

A fantastic paper boutique! Definitely worth the trip down to the beach.

Custom Paper Design:

Some of my favorite custom work, I don't know how people ever choose! They switch out their display constantly and I went on an ELUM day. They are all so great:

reminds me of old show posters...

my absolute favor, I love the coffee colored paper and the deep, rich black letterpress.

Their cozy custom design room.

Around the shop:

I love their "by color" displays- Brown + Gold: my new favorite combination.

a daily candle scent.

The cutest birthday book.

Pretty little gift soaps wrapped in snow and graham paper.

an impressive display of flat cards + envelopes.

Extensive card collection:

A beautiful way to say sorry.

A set of cards from Darling Clementine.

All over letterpressed pattern.

An official looking document thats a fun way to say thanks.
Regional assembly of text.

The cutest thank you cards!

Imprints for every occasion from Snow & Graham:

Air mail will always be in.

Im thinking of 100 uses for these.

Pretty pretty pretty!

Some choice notebooks:

Mix & Match Alphabet.

Its so fun to look back on your trip, be it next week, next month or next year!

Lead type notebook from Italy!

Wood type notebook from Italy- I couldn't choose.

First buy the wrap, then the present will come:

They offer beautiful custom wrapping.

The best wrapping paper of all time.


all photos by paper pastries

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