Wednesday, July 22, 2009

First Signed, Sealed & Delivered package!

Speaking of lovely things in the mail, my dear friend Jessica (one of three that I've lost to new york) just mailed me a package. The Signed, Sealed, & Delivered Club has officially started!

A postcard from a bar by her house. I can't wait to try the oysters.

An engraved note with a gold lined envelope.
An amazing Japanese air mail set and some colorful buttons.

Red heart clips, to organize papers, use as bookmarks or just be cute!
and pig magnets that already have a home on my refrigerator.
all photos by Margaret Haas


  1. That is so cool! Such a great idea! So nice to find people who appreciate paper. As a fine artist, and a paper artist, it's kind of the love of my life. Well, that and ink. Oh, and I suppose I should put ice cream and my boyfriend somewhere in there. Anyway, love your blog.

  2. I really like the envelope! At first, you presume it's a regular, rather dull envelope, but when you open it you notice the regal golden lining - wonderful!

  3. You have a great blog,even though at this moment of time we are all known that air mail is not useful because we have a lot of a new technology right? but for me air mail is the best i love using air mail and having in this kind of idea is totally grateful.




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