Saturday, July 11, 2009

Renegade day 1

Remember me? It's been way too long but have I got some good stuff for you. Today we celebrate many firsts:
1) First Renegade Craft fair in Los Angeles (and all of southern California)
2) My first ever booth at such a fair
3) First time meeting some Internet friends
4) First sale of Paper Pastries greeting card!
Yesterday was set up, finally time to see my booth.
It looked like this. We had a lot of work to do!
My dad and sister helped, it would have been impossible to do anything without them.
First task was covering up the back wall.
After that was up, we fixed the table cloths and were ready to set up our displays!

This is what we ended up with.
One of the products I was most excited about debuting was the Signed, Sealed & Delivered Stationery sets. Each have a set of 12 sheets and 12 envelopes that come packaged in a large Kraft envelope decorated with a cancellation mark and Paper Pastries postage stamp.

Who recognizes this beauty? It's Kumar! These are all from photos of him, which I'll post on flickr once I get a chance to organize my photos. There is a yarn ball stamped on the envelope flap.

For the jet setter.

Anchors away!

I really wanted to make this because every time I looked for photograph stationery it was always some generic, but cute, camera. This set includes the Diana, Rolleiflex, fish eye, holga, and Polaroid land camera.

Because I miss Santa Cruz weather.

Address labels, a set of 20, tied with bakers twine.

lets be friends!

A complimentary postcard that you can decorate with "hello," "hola" and colored pens.

After I saw Curiosity shoppe's pencils, I needed some for Paper Pastries! Pink, of course :) 

The end result of the cake plate I painted at petroglyph in Santa Cruz last week.
Theres before and during pictures on my twitter.

design 1 of my moo cards.

and design 2.
More renegade tomorrow and lots of new products will be available through my etsy shop soon!


  1. your booth at renegade looked fantastic! (i'm doing my post-fair research of my favorite new vendors.) i loved the "make your own postcard" station. nicely done! excited to see what else you have in store...

  2. awesome! I'm going today...I'll stop by your booth! :)

  3. Congratulations!!! I also love your tag line "Confections for your Correspondence". It's perfect.

  4. marge this stuff looks great! i'm so proud of you : )



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