Thursday, July 23, 2009

Signed, Sealed & Delivered- birthday edition.

Dear Allie,

You can not imagine how happy I was when I saw this!

I am blown away by this *letterpressed birthday card! A. Favorite is continuously amazing me.
*I know "letterpressed" isn't a word but I'm going to make it one.
It just fits better.

Miniature letters make up each larger one.

I love that two tone! Its so 70's. A girl can never have too many ballpoints.

Especially as one as cute as this! Its a little chef and says "bon appetite" on the side.

I hope I can visit soon!

Most men should feel this way, Greenwich letterpress knows what women want!

I have been using pencil a lot recently and enjoy a sturdy fat eraser. How did you know?

Oddball, you creep me! but I love you.

I especially love your envelope details.

All these gifts came housed in this Muslin bag, which I was gushing over less than a week ago!
Thank you for all the gifts and I miss you a lot!

I think all gifts came from Greenwich Letterpress, in Greenwich Village of course!
I hope I can do a shop profile very soon.

Greenwich Letterpress

Monday (summer) CLOSED
Monday (fall-spring) 1pm-6pm
Tuesday-Friday 11am-7pm
Saturday-Sunday 12pm-6pm

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