Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Spoils of Renegade

Supporting independent artists as always, there was plenty of shopping to be done at Renegade. Lucky for us, we had four people working in the pp booth so each of us had time to wander the aisles.

Small post earrings.

Refrigerator Magnets.


Prints to decorate the vice principals office.

Great business card.

Like an old fashioned candy shop!

Sometimes you have to send a feel better card, and I just love these umbrella tops.

A Los Angeles History Calendar

Letterpressed Notebook, with blank pages

Gift tags with envelopes

with "in season" lists for every month!

What great colors!

Hand painted gold leaf!

Silver & Gold earrings.

Silver brooch with intriqute detail.

I love this pattern.

what a fun design! detail:

Not sure what happened to my full length of this mushroom card, but here is the snail detail. Mustache!

The ingredients of many great birthdays.

When you're happy for your friend, but also jealous.

What a beast!

Studio BenBen:

Can't wait for the next craft fair!

all photos by paper pastries

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