Friday, July 31, 2009


It's time to let me know what you'd like as a new card or stationery set!
Please leave your vote as a comment and let me know why you think it should win.

Here are your *choices:

  • Musical instruments
  • Same sex commitment cards
  • Pet condolences
  • "Foodie" line of some kind/kitchen utensils
  • Carnival theme: carousels Ferris wheels fireworks etc
  • Excuse note like home sick from school note

*These ideas came from a contest at my booth at Renegade craft fair.

I'm excited to see what idea wins!

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  1. I vote for a carnival themed stationery set.

  2. Carnival, por favor. State/county fair season is upon us!

  3. I like foodie idea. I like food!

  4. I'd love to see some sort of carnival set, but I have to vote for same sex marriage. Good cards for that occasion are hard to find!

  5. Same Sex! I have two Same Sex marriage cards designed that are going to go off to print on my next greeting card run. I also like the Pet Condolences idea. Cheers!

  6. I vote for excuse cards. But they should be for the future. I.e. Please excuse me but I will be "home" sick a week from friday.

  7. Excuse note! My friend Jeremy used to get pencil-written excuse notes from his parents for doctor's appointments and he'd erase the dates and times and use them over and over.

  8. hi margaret! so lovely meeting you last night!!!! :)

    i vote for carnival! i love the nostalgia of carnivals

  9. I like them all. How about a carnival for gay music instrument?

    You want an idea? I got an idea. The start of football season is soon upon us, and this ushers in the beginning of fantasy football and sweet sweet and trash talk.

    ESPN has these smack talk cards you can send to people as emails, but a real life card would be even better.

    Here's there website, but for some reason I can't access the cards right now.

    I'm trying to think of an example. Something like the front says congratulations in advance... and the back says on sucking at fantasy football! Ha! Well thats your department.

    Hows your mind? Blown???

  10. I am leaning towards the same-sex commitment cards. But if I am being honest, I lean more towards same-sex experimentation than actual commitment. :-)

  11. excuse note...great idea!

  12. Excuse notes! use them all the time

  13. excuse notes sound like a great idea..........i already write them it seems every other day for one of my little ones.

  14. Musical Instruments! Accordians, Kazoos, etc!

  15. i vote same sex commitment. impossible to find them. i cant tell if barely anyone makes them, or barely anyone sells them. either way there need to be more.

  16. Same sex cards (full disclosure: I suggested them at renegade)



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