Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lovely Package Exchange

There is a package exchange over at Oh, hello friend and it is too fun to pass up!
You must be able and willing to send a beautiful package to someone else, filled with special treats. That person, in return, sends you an equally lovely package, which will all be documented via the flickr group; nice package. I love that this encourages to buy handmade and to make new friends! This is a great idea and will be so much fun.
To give your partner an idea of what you'd like, you fill out a questionnaire.
My interests included: Letterpress cards, notebooks, stationery, international art magazines, cake stands, vintage bakery items, vintage music posters, small wooden boxes, cake shaped containers, maps and canvas tote bags. The form also requests you list your favorite etsy stores, so your partner can get a feel for what you like. These are some shop items I listed.

Letterpressed notebooks, by you know who.

Hand stamped wood stationery from Paloma's Nest.

Wonder Thunder Canvas Bags.
Love the fonts, love the color, love the endless uses.
I am really hoping to get an international partner, hopefully someone in South America, it's a place I'm dying to know more about.
all photos from linked sites


  1. Margaret! I so signed up for this! Love the idea, thanks for posting about it.

  2. these things are SO cute!!! :) i want to buy all of them.



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