Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Custom Work

Yesterday I received this in the mail from my friend Allison, who works at Allison asked me if I would like to be the calligrapher for one of the brides she was working with and of course I said yes. I sent her the text in calligraphy and she got it letterpress printed. My sample was in this package.

The paper is really thick and a cream color. I love the brown text on it. Sometimes calligraphy can seem a little stuffy but I think the brown makes it classic without being boring. I have never seen letterpress so deep!

I really like the way the rsvp card turned out. The text is a sea foam green, all the colors of the invite go really well together.


  1. Love love love your calligraphy! Even though it's done so well and traditional, it has this tiny bit of your style handwriting which makes it cute and personal. Good job!

  2. I am interested in other custom work you have done for a certain sister's birthday party.

  3. the feedback on these invites has been tremendous - everyone is like "these are so cute" in ten different variations.



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