Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Girl of All Work

This past weekend I had to go birthday shopping for my college room mate + my sister. While browsing I kept in mind a business card holder. My collection was getting out of control! I kept them in a drawer but they were getting bent and forgotten all stacked together. It was at Lula Mae in Pasadena where I found gifts and a solution to my problem.

Lucky for me they had this business card holder from Girl of All Work. I've heard of this brand before but had never really seen it carried anywhere. They have many different categories and this design is from the jump collection.

I love that the book is covered in linen and these little silhouettes.

The back cover has their logo.

I was quite pleased and then I saw this. I thought it was a phone book but it's a business card holder! The larger one is more "keep at home" and this one is petite, portable and pink! Because really, if you think about it I will only acquire more and more business cards.

The back has this adorable flower pattern.

Another must have from Girl of All Work- telegram inspired postcards!

The mix of fonts is what did it for me. The attention to detail makes these irresistable!

The back has a designated "deliver to" and a place for your return address, important when sending any piece of mail.

Visit Lula Mae to see their re-decorated store and all their new merchandise!
Plus, they have the cutest store window right now with a dress made of crepe paper.

100 N Fair Oaks Ave
Pasadena, CA 91103-3612
626 304 9996

or shop online at Girl of All Work

all photos by paper pastries


  1. Those telegrams are beautiful. I have never seen that brand before.

  2. gorgeous finds! I haven't heard of it before either

  3. Really like the telegram! And the business card holder...I think I need one, too =)



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