Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hand Stamped business cards

Once you start looking, they are everywhere. I love seeing all the different styles. It reminds me of getting an assignment in art class; "stamp your own business cards" and getting to see everyone's version on monday.

I absolutely love the extra touch of the stitched line and little square of fabric.

These are by Adam Behringer. I love all the different color combinations he's doing.

I'm sure you've seen these, from Under Consideration, for Sassen Design, pictures are originally from Sassen. I've seen them on Oh So Beautiful Paper + Riffe Raff
I found these on Riffe Raff, by Lena Corwin. I love the different color paper and how the designs are stamped in a variety of places changing on each card.
I'm thinking of offering custom rubber stamped business cards through my etsy shop. Thoughts?
all photos from linked sites


  1. I think it is a fantastic idea, I need some business cards, but want themt o be fun. I would def. order some.

  2. I love that camera one! I think a hand made business card says a lot! It tells the person, "Hey, I really put a lot of work in this, and now I am giving it to you, so you better call me because I don't just hand these out like candy!" (even if you might.)

  3. oooh, i really love those handstamped business cards. such a great idea. lately i've been thinking that there are so many great things to do with stamps.

  4. where do people get those great stamps?

  5. I create my stamp designs digitally and then send them to I've had a good experience with them and the price is reasonable.

  6. What kind of paper do you guys use? Cotton?

  7. Thanks for the great DIY! Definitely tried it here: (the plain version. hope to make a funner one in the coming days)



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