Monday, August 10, 2009

Mad Men premiere invites

I'm just as excited as everyone else for the Mad Men premiere this sunday! Another thing I did this weekend was send out these invites. They are folded letterpress cards from Roll & Tumble- all 'vintage' cocktails. My favorite thing about them is the recipe on the inside of the card! Too bad they don't have Tom Collins :)

Available styles are Martini, Brandy Alexander, Champagne Cocktail and Old Fashioned. I love them!

all photos by paper pastries


  1. these are really cute! love the recipe idea :)

  2. Um, SUPER cute. Do you really have enough cool friends to come and "dress the part?" I don't... my friends are way too lame for that! ;-(

  3. these are too fun! what a great idea. just finishing season 2 on dvd this week!

    i tried tweeting you about a paper swap a couple of weeks ago. any interest? as a stationery rep, i have lots of fun paper goodness. let me know...

  4. I will def. be dressed up. I'll take ANY excuse to do a period piece : )



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