Saturday, August 1, 2009

New business cards

I had mini moo, which I love because they are cute and inexpensive.
I had 300 mini moos the first day of Renegade craft fair and ran out by Sunday morning.
I thought I should have a more substantial card since I'm in the stationery business.
So I got these blossom cards from the paper source, pre-cut, pink, and perfect! I used to think that standard sized business cards were lame but I think the irregular sized cards are easier to misplace.

On the front I stamped my logo in pink pigment ink then embossed it with clear powder. This makes it raised and gives it a shiny finish.

Using one of my letter stamp sets, I set up my info to be stamped on the back.
Because of the size of my base I could only stamp one line at a time which is why they are a bit crooked, i.e. "charming."
The fruits of my labor.
My trusty logo rubber stamp.
My three favorite brown ink pads: Colorbox chalk in chestnut roan, Memories dye ink in artprint brown and Versa Magic in jumbo java.

While at the paper source I found these round labels, the same pink as my business cards. I didn't know what I'd use them for but they were too cute not to get. (p.s. they are available in tons of colors!)
I went nuts stamping the whole roll with my logo!
2 days later I had a reason to use the labels.
Danni, who was one of the hosts of LA blogger social, asked if Paper Pastries could donate anything for the gift bags. I put together little packs of address labels and made envelopes out of parchment paper:

If you don't have an envelope template, you can just take apart an envelope, lay it flat and trace the shape.
Because the parchment paper was in a roll they curled after they were cut out, so I flattened them in a book overnight.
I used a bone folder to make clean creases.

Then I popped 3 address labels and a business card in there,

and sealed it with my new labels.


  1. super-cute! love your attention to detail!

  2. The embossing brings it up a notch! Love it. You keep a similar style with both business cards and I really like the idea of you having a hand made one as well as moo ones.

  3. These are great. One question for you: where do you custom order your stamps? I'm looking to make a few. Any recommendations would be great!

  4. There are tons of great places to get a stamp made, but I love Hollywood Rubber Stamp Co.
    They are local, so I can pick up instead of having to wait for shipping.
    I'd suggest finding a local place so you can talk to a real person and build a relationship with them.

  5. The cards look great but I am curious how you got the stamp to raise? I don't understand the clear powder stuff? If you could let me know that would be great!

  6. How sweet are your business cards! Love them

  7. Business card is the most important element of your visual identity. It's the first thing people see when they meet you. that's business cards looking nice. Plastic Cards

  8. Where did you get your stamp? I really want one and don't know where to get one.



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