Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm Sold

How fast a week goes by! I hope everyone had a fun labor day. I had a great time in Lake Arrowhead for two days. Monday was dedicated to working on my booth for Jill of all Trades, my first outdoor fair. Only two weeks left to go.

This Sweet(s) of the Week are 60's ads. Of course I am obsessed with Mad Men (sneak peek at next weeks episode, im dying to see more of the 60s classroom!) so I just had to look up some magazine advertisements from that time. They are great!

Huge versions of small items should make a comeback.
I love how he's wearing a suit on that 'beach'

is so hot right now, who knew it was in the 60s too?

"the most beautiful and practical holiday gift!"

These two are from an office furniture catalog:
An Office Manager- reds are always in charge.

An executive- probably talking to his mistress! Dog. And where is his bar? and couch?

60's matchbooks from Russia showing the recent advancements in technology. This isn't an ad- I really liked them and it fit with the theme so why not.
I think I would have loved to be alive during the 60s but maybe not. Options were pretty limited for women- would you be a secretary or a housewife? I'd be a communist.
photos from linked sites


  1. LOL, I'd be a communist, too! If only we could have the thoughtful femininity of pre-women's-lib and the rights of post-women's-lib. Maybe that's what we'll get in the next century?

  2. I really hope you were joking about the communist comment.



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