Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Prepare for a lot of exclamation points from this end

We've all thought about it but Kate Funk actually did it. She dressed her cat up in amazing costumes up against awesome paper backdrops. This is Annoying Customer. He's a basement cat and beautiful.

That scarf!!!

All the cards come with great colored envelopes. White envelopes are such a snooze fest!

These cards came in this sturdy little box that I will keep forever.

Is that a rubber stamp I see? I LUV rbr stmpz

Kate Funk is everything I'm obsessed with:
Cute packaging!

and dont miss this great deal, buy for you + your fellow cat luvrz.

Also, there is going to be an Annoying Customer calendar! Talk about a cat for all seasons. Clearly, I need it.

Don't miss Kate Funk at Renegade Chicago- September 12 + 13 from 11am – 7pm.

photos by paper pastries

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