Sunday, September 27, 2009

Recap of Jill of all Trades

The Presidio Motel was perfect. Kenny, one of the owners, had really great restaurant + bar recommendations and you can borrow a Retro Schwinn bike to sight see. I'm really glad Paper Pastries got to be a part of Jill of all Trades.

They have a great sun deck where you can hang out. Friday night, we got Burgers from the Habit and ate outside.
Amazing how many stars you can see in Santa Barbara.

This was our hotel room.

The show was in the parking lot and was shielded by this canopy of fabrics.

At Renegade, which was a whole weekend show, we had 6 hours on Friday to set up. We were very lucky to have that for the first craft fair. The only problem is, that we took up the entire 6 hours to set up and I knew we weren't always going to have that luxury. We had to come up with something new! A way to be able to expedite our set up and improve the customer's shopping experience. Jill of all Trades was our first experiment with our new set up and it worked great!

My new wooden backgrounds. These can be four to eight feet across, depending on the size of our booth space. They are heavy but once moved, assemble quickly and easily.

These are my custom-built for Paper Pastries card shelves!
Thanks to tony for the genius idea + design and thanks to my dad for garage space, painting and moral support!
I am in love with them. We didn't have room to put up the state cards because the "I left my heart ins" took up 3 shelves!
I think I need more shelves :)

Plus NEW products!! Be excited
Introducing the Pencil Collections. Right now there are 3 sets: Know-it-all, Enamored, and Make a Point.
Each set comes with 6 pencils.

Everyone learns basic facts in school, some don't remember until they hear it. This set is to jog your memory.

PI is 3.14159265358979323846 Gray pencils with red writing

H20 BOILING POINT 100C 212F Pastel Blue pencil with orange writing
I BEFORE E EXCEPT AFTER C Yellow pencil with green writing

1920 WOMEN'S SUFFRAGE Red pencil with dark blue writing

Since there's four designs, you get one of each plus two assorted.

Enamored pencil set:

BLUE WITHOUT YOU pastel blue pencil + red writing

XOXOXOXOXOX pastel pink pencil + red writing and pastel blue + pink writing

YOU'RE JUST MY TYPE yellow pencil + blue writing and red pencil + white writing

Perfect to give- to a friend, boyfriend, family member- anyone!

Keep a set and give a set!

There is one more pencil collection but my picture did not come out right. You will be kept in suspense!
(Until I figure it out)

This display board for the Signed, Sealed, & Delivered Stationery sets was another addition to our booth. People were confused by the layout at Renegade and we thought this did a better job of explaining it. There was one full set- Classic Cameras laid out, and a sheet and envelope of all the other sets, stamped with their designs.

This method was not very good at explaining it either. Other than laying out all 12 sheets and all 12 envelopes of all 6 stationery sets Im not sure how to make it clear. Any ideas??

*Halloween cards and pencil sets will be up on etsy by Saturday Morning.

*All of the photos in the etsy shop, are taken in my apartment in the natural sunlight that comes in through the window. Ever since the fires in la, the windows of my apartment have been covered in soot. The problem is the building exterior only gets washed once a year! So I need another way/location/idea on how to take pictures for my shop.

This bear was on display in a downtown shop window from the Natural history museum. Terrifying! But cool to see up close.

all photos by paper pastries

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