Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Prep

My friend adam is having a halloween party, and I made these favor boxes to give out as prizes to for the best costume. The boxes are from the paper source, and i decorated them with a deco color paint marker. Each box is filled with one of : mini snickers, mini butterfinger, nerds, and peanut m & m's.

I can't wait to see everyones costume!
I will be out of commission the rest of the week, to prep for the party and craft fair on Sunday.
See you next week.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Start your holiday shopping!

This Sunday November 1st, Paper Pastries will be at the Handmade Brigade Craft Fair at the CAMP in Costa Mesa.
This weekend will be the debut of Holiday cards!
I know it will be hard to get up the day after halloween, but we do get an extra hour and if you come to the fair early, you'll get a goody bag! The first 25 people will receive a bag, with a giveaway from every vendor inside.

These are some new holiday items- gift tags tied with bakers twine.

My donation: 3 gift tags.
Hope you can make it sunday!

HANDMADE BRIGADE holiday show 2009
Sunday November 1st
2937 Bristol Street Costa Mesa, CA 92626
11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Paper from 5th Wedding Anniversary

Detail of the invite; navy paper with gold calligraphy.
One of these stickers sealed the envelope for the invite, these are from Sticker Planet, at the LA farmer's market.
I wrote the itinerary/save the date on water color paper with blue calligraphy.
I love the Arches Natural White cold press paper, great texture!

The covers were cut from the same navy canford paper I used for the invitations.

This is how the save the date/itinerary looked when complete.

I enlarged and photocopied a postcard then used a template to cut out the envelope.

The accordion booklets got sent in these.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


I really love breakfast, bananas, and heart shapes, so you can imagine how excited I got when I came across this powder sugared edition of "I made this for you" from Something's Hiding In Here. Stephen presented this to Shauna, and "it made her melt like butter." How could she not? Be sure to check out the rest of the "I made this for you" series. It gets cuter every week.

HUGE sale in la area

Susie + Heidi, the sisters behind Rock Scissor Paper let me know about their GIANT warehouse sale tomorrow.
Some of the items that will be available: discontinued products, bulk paper, crafting supplies: colored papers and card-stock, envelopes, bookbinding supplies, ribbons (including vintage European styles), chipboard, frames, tissue paper, Perfect for teachers, crafters, DIY, etc.

Sunday October 25th

11851 Glencrest Drive, San Fernando, CA 91340

The corner of GLENOAKS & ARROYO

Free parking!

and if that wasn't enough, "We’ll even direct you to some yummy local tamales for lunch! "

Sale hours: 11-4

Hope you can make it!

all photo and info from Rock Scissor Paper

Friday, October 23, 2009

Working hard or hardly working?

Building two more card racks for all the holiday shows we'll be doing.
The second time around was much easier, we knew what wood to use, and the home depot cut it in half.

The 'shelves' are actually molding that you can cut to any size. I thought this style was perfect since it has grooves that cards fit in so well.

After the piece is cut in half, we take it home and curve the top of it with a jigsaw. Then attach the side panels with screws, which the shelves will attach to.

Now all thats left is paint. Here's where dad takes over :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Our labor of love

What do these two have in common?
For those of you who may not know me, I can't keep a secret. It is especially hard to keep a secret from my sister. That's why when her husband proposed his anniversary surprise to me, 4 months before their anniversary, I began to stress immediately. The plan: to recreate their wedding (including the wedding party) but this time, in Las Vegas.
Seems simple enough.
There were 7 of us total: the bride, groom, 2 brides maids, best man, officiant and piano player. All close friends + family. Some would be traveling from Los Angeles, others internationally. It was not an easy secret to keep but we did it. The 'bride' knew that the couple would be going to Las Vegas to celebrate their 5Th wedding anniversary. First, three of us (2 bridesmaids and piano player) arrived at the Mirage Casino around 4pm. We checked in and set up the party room, complete with all the night's necessities(booze + snacks) and day's essentials (Advil, vitamin water, sunblock.) Then it was off to reveal the first part of the surprise!
They were sitting at slots so we took a seat (in a row) nearby. We had been instructed to 'talk loudly' so that she may recognize one of our voices but we were so nervous because she was so close. We could hear them, but they couldn't hear us- because we weren't talking. Suddenly I couldn't hear them anymore and my eyes darted around but I couldn't see them. So I turned around and they were directly behind us. I was so glad when that finally happened. She was so happy and very surprised. Then Nat (my brother in law) 'proposed' renewing their vows at Graceland Chapel with Elvis. She could not refuse, especially since she was prompted with $100 poker chip.
So we went up to the room to await her other two surprises, the best man and officiant- both brothers of the groom. Once they arrived (one from Vancouver, the other from DC) the dueling parties began. We were on a hunt for photo evidence of the seven deadly sins. You can imagine how the rest of the weekend went. Saturday was relaxing, morning by the pool, lunch at BLT Burger, some afternoon lions and tigers, and a nap.
The engagement party was held at Minus 5, a vodka ice bar where they give you a coat, gloves and booties to wear while you sip your vodka cocktails in booths made of ice. It was so fun in there but I couldn't handle it for more than an hour. We had a delicious Russian rehearsal dinner at Red Square, then we were off to the chapel! Elvis was amazing and I loved how the vows had song titles throw in;
"I promise to forever love you tender, baby"
"I vow to always be your teddy bear, honey"

Well now you know why I've been so busy and out of touch! I will share the paper part of this extravaganza soon!

*Since that Saturday was Toy Camera Day, I only took photos with my Diana Mini. I will post those on my flickr as soon as I get the prints.

Postcards (scanned) from Paper Vision in Santa Cruz, click the photo to enlarge

Monday, October 19, 2009

Goose Grease

I don't know what I'd do without Goose Grease! You may remember the set I got for my parents on their anniversary. I love their cake and cupcake toppers, they make such a cute custom gift. And for this occasion especially, my sister's 5th wedding anniversary. The traditional gift for five years is wood. They now have a custom order form, and pet additions are available! I just had to get one because Kumar is a part of the family.

I asked Michelle to paint on Katie's pearl bracelet and she did! I can imagine what a pain that was- I think it makes the doll. Their 5th wedding anniversary was an extravaganza!
More on that soon.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Send a special note!

To honor their mother's birthday, Linda & Harriett are sending you a letterpress note card & envelope and all you have to do is promise to mail it to someone special! To receive your card, just email them: - before noon EST on monday October 19

If you are in brooklyn, you can go to Blue Sky Bakery on monday October 19 from 10am-1pm to pick you a note, envelope, & stamp!

If you are not in brooklyn, check out their blog for all the details.

Who are you going to send a special note to?

photo and info from linda & harriett

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Custom Stationery Set

A friend's sister in law is an iconographer. She commissioned me to make her this stationery set, and wanted to include the rubber stamps, so she can stamp her art anywhere! I was given the images, (calendar pages) scanned them, edited them using photoshop and got rubber stamps made.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Milk Toof

I love this idea its so cute! It reminds me of clay-mation cartoons that I watched when I was younger.
Im so excited to see what she comes up with next, but in the mean time catch up on all the adventures of ickle and Lardee. To find out a little more about Inhae, the creator, check out this post.
These are my favorite photos:

"I demand something softer!"

all photos from My Milk Toof

Friday, October 9, 2009

The New Deal

I'm trying out Big Cartel as a shop. I'm not sure if its right for me but I do love how you can customize colors and offer discount codes. Right now I'm in a trial mode which is why I only have 5 products up. But as incentive, prices are lower than etsy because I'd love to hear feedback from a buyer! If you can't purchase anything right now, I'd love feedback on the side in general, in contrast to my etsy:

so which one do you like better: big cartel or etsy?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Custom Birth Announcements

The details: blue calligraphy on luxe blue flat cards with soft green envelopes.
The family will add a photo of Alexander in with the announcement; a great idea so the recipient can frame the photo.
Congratulations to Mackenzie and Levin families on your new baby boy!

You cant always get what you want

but you can wait until christmas ;)

Liza from Underware

Mussica from Corradine

Bello from Underware

La Portenia from Sudtipos

These are new fonts I discovered this week from
I love them all!
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