Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Coming up

About the San Francisco Indie Mart (from their website):
"The Indie Mart is an original. We feature independent makers of all sorts, clothing, accessories, bikes, baked goods, prepared foods & packaged foods, zines, taxidermy, anything is welcome. We also like to layer in lots of vintage, antiques, collectibles, records and are open to new items as well. It is more about a community and a lifestyle…that being fun, a bit rock and roll, eclectic and different. I hand select vendors based on originality, uniqueness of product or how it is made, requests by our indie-marters and if I think your designs would fit our rock and roll, unique, DIY crowd.

We prefer creative fun folks that are willing to talk about their items with customers and even can be interactive at the event..making things, demonstrating, doing live silk screening, etc. If you want to sit in a chair and not talk to folks, let the items sell themselves…DO NOT APPLY. Our reputation as an event is very important…we expect you to interact with customers and showcase your items. We do not want to be like every other craft event and we are not about mainstream stuff….make it interesting please! There are only so many deer shirts and feather headbands we need amongst the vendors "

I'm so excited that I was chosen to be in this indie fair- and it will be my northern california debut!

And how amazing is that poster?
Thanks to allie for the idea + design and hand drawn poster.
I absolutely love it, and not just because I love lol catz :)


  1. Marking my calendar now!!! Poster is amazing... and I love the colors too!



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