Friday, October 9, 2009

The New Deal

I'm trying out Big Cartel as a shop. I'm not sure if its right for me but I do love how you can customize colors and offer discount codes. Right now I'm in a trial mode which is why I only have 5 products up. But as incentive, prices are lower than etsy because I'd love to hear feedback from a buyer! If you can't purchase anything right now, I'd love feedback on the side in general, in contrast to my etsy:

so which one do you like better: big cartel or etsy?


  1. I think Big Cartel is easier to Navigate, but I am just so used to Etsy! I guess I'll have to order from Cartel to test it out!

  2. I've ordered from Big Cartel and quite like it. The advantage of etsy (as a buyer) is that you can search all buyers and also you can add Favourites.

  3. personally, i like the layout of big cartel better. visually, it's really complimentary to your stuff in particular.

  4. I like the layout better also, it is a lot cleaner. I am not getting rid of etsy, I think people may like working through them more, but I am going to invest in a big cartel shop! soon...

  5. I like the big cartel too - but etsy gets a lot of traffic and a chance for bigger exposure...?!



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