Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Our labor of love

What do these two have in common?
For those of you who may not know me, I can't keep a secret. It is especially hard to keep a secret from my sister. That's why when her husband proposed his anniversary surprise to me, 4 months before their anniversary, I began to stress immediately. The plan: to recreate their wedding (including the wedding party) but this time, in Las Vegas.
Seems simple enough.
There were 7 of us total: the bride, groom, 2 brides maids, best man, officiant and piano player. All close friends + family. Some would be traveling from Los Angeles, others internationally. It was not an easy secret to keep but we did it. The 'bride' knew that the couple would be going to Las Vegas to celebrate their 5Th wedding anniversary. First, three of us (2 bridesmaids and piano player) arrived at the Mirage Casino around 4pm. We checked in and set up the party room, complete with all the night's necessities(booze + snacks) and day's essentials (Advil, vitamin water, sunblock.) Then it was off to reveal the first part of the surprise!
They were sitting at slots so we took a seat (in a row) nearby. We had been instructed to 'talk loudly' so that she may recognize one of our voices but we were so nervous because she was so close. We could hear them, but they couldn't hear us- because we weren't talking. Suddenly I couldn't hear them anymore and my eyes darted around but I couldn't see them. So I turned around and they were directly behind us. I was so glad when that finally happened. She was so happy and very surprised. Then Nat (my brother in law) 'proposed' renewing their vows at Graceland Chapel with Elvis. She could not refuse, especially since she was prompted with $100 poker chip.
So we went up to the room to await her other two surprises, the best man and officiant- both brothers of the groom. Once they arrived (one from Vancouver, the other from DC) the dueling parties began. We were on a hunt for photo evidence of the seven deadly sins. You can imagine how the rest of the weekend went. Saturday was relaxing, morning by the pool, lunch at BLT Burger, some afternoon lions and tigers, and a nap.
The engagement party was held at Minus 5, a vodka ice bar where they give you a coat, gloves and booties to wear while you sip your vodka cocktails in booths made of ice. It was so fun in there but I couldn't handle it for more than an hour. We had a delicious Russian rehearsal dinner at Red Square, then we were off to the chapel! Elvis was amazing and I loved how the vows had song titles throw in;
"I promise to forever love you tender, baby"
"I vow to always be your teddy bear, honey"

Well now you know why I've been so busy and out of touch! I will share the paper part of this extravaganza soon!

*Since that Saturday was Toy Camera Day, I only took photos with my Diana Mini. I will post those on my flickr as soon as I get the prints.

Postcards (scanned) from Paper Vision in Santa Cruz, click the photo to enlarge


  1. I'm glad it was so fun! I can't wait to see some pictures, especially of this Elvis chapel. Did Elvis give the 'bride' away?

  2. Delightful! And I think it would make a good first wedding too! :)

  3. As one of the mentioned bridesmaids, I can confirm that it was a magnificent surprise. And I have the wonderfully ridiculous pictures to prove it! Already received a lovely Paper Pastries [You Shouldn’t Have] thank you card from the bride in the mail today. Perfect!

  4. Allie: Yes, elvis walked katie down the aisle, was nat's best man, and preformed the ceremony! It was so fun, and not long and boring like a lot of weddings. Lasted about 12 minutes.

    Brady: clearly, the bride haz great taste ;)



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