Sunday, October 25, 2009

Paper from 5th Wedding Anniversary

Detail of the invite; navy paper with gold calligraphy.
One of these stickers sealed the envelope for the invite, these are from Sticker Planet, at the LA farmer's market.
I wrote the itinerary/save the date on water color paper with blue calligraphy.
I love the Arches Natural White cold press paper, great texture!

The covers were cut from the same navy canford paper I used for the invitations.

This is how the save the date/itinerary looked when complete.

I enlarged and photocopied a postcard then used a template to cut out the envelope.

The accordion booklets got sent in these.


  1. Imagine seeing Elvis's face in the mailbox like that, I would be so happy!

  2. i just discovered you through your Flickr page and i LOVE your creativity! from the cat pictures to the Farmer's Market pics, they're all terrific!
    i also live in LA so i especially appreciate the images. we go to the same places!
    xox alison



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