Monday, November 16, 2009


We are getting pretty excited for Thanksgiving over here! This was our first show setting up all four wooden backdrops, perfect for our Thanksgiving spread. Rolls, mashed potatoes, gravey boat, stuffing, cranberries, yams with marshmallows, peas and carrots and a juicy turkey; made of paper of course. Delicious!

Also our first show setting up 4 card shelves.

A new holiday product, a "stocking" gift bag. Only available at shows!

I leave you with Nat, or as we refer to him: " #1 in sales." Also, the first face ever on this blog. The best brother in law a girl could ask for. Thanks to my whole team for all the help, all the time!

Until next time...


  1. He looks like a salesman alright, look at his stance! Well done, love the pastel card racks.

  2. That thanksgiving feast on your backdrop looks delicious



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