Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pie Bird Press @ Renegade

a new discovery at Renegade!

Hannah finds inspiration in her vintage goods and does all her printing by hand on an antique press. I love the saturated colors and distinctive freshness she gives to her classic images.

Great products wouldn't be the same without a great display; pie bird has it all!

eggs, anyone?

I could stare at these colors all day.

Miss Natalie @ Renegade Holiday

What a treat!

Hand painted and wood etched etched eggs and apples.

I think this would be a great "new year's resolution" note to send.


The cutest 'forget me not' lunch bag.

And tea towels- miss natalie has it all!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Recap of Renegade Holiday

Here's the Paper Pastries booth at SF Renegade Holiday show.

Lots of la friends were there, including Elinor from Krank Press.

The event was held in the Herbst Pavillion at Fort Mason. It was a great venue; large but not overwhelming.

Foggy San Francisco!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Palo Alto Boutique

It's been a very busy holiday season. We were up north the week in between Bazaar Bizarre and Renegade so we decided to throw a northern California trunk show.
The view that greeted guests. The living room was the focal point, where all eating, drinking, and sitting took place.
This tree filled the room with it's fresh pine scent.
This was the welcome sign that guests saw once they stepped into the showroom.

The welcome table that had the order forms and door prizes.

My new pastry stand- from an antique shop in Orange.
Making of the sandwiches, recipes from here.
They turned out so pretty!

The salmon and cucumber was my favorite.

A neighbor made this wreath from a paper source kit, it turned out great! Available here

Wrap anything in ham to make it delicious.

The most delicious caramel apples, with dark chocolate+apricots+nuts.

The door prizes were various bookplates and address labels wrapped up in kraft paper with red+white twine. A jingle bell was tied on for a holiday touch.

The second boutique would not have been complete without some pink trees of its own.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Are you ready for the cutest thing you've ever seen?

A miniature letter, in a miniature envelope, with a miniature address!
The World's Smallest Postal Service- Lea writes your tiny message right there and seals it with a drop of candle wax. The purchase of your little letter comes with a mini magnifying glass. Where did she get that mini writing desk?
This tiny bag is for making hand deliveries.
There is also a special winter edition of the world's smallest letter.
Each letter gets its own snail mail postage.
Every little detail fits so perfectly- I was at her booth for way too long - shrieking with delight!
Thank you Lea for the great work you do!
Don't you know someone who would love a miniature letter? Valentine's Day is closer than you think! Is it too much to hope for a miniature valentine?

Polly Polly Polly! {at Bazaar Bizarre}

You can never get enough Polly Danger right? She was there with her husband Eric, and a lot of cuteness.
Stripes + flowers are meant to be together- Polly might be my soulmate.
This tin of rainbow thread + pins would be the sweetest little gift.
Fabric covered buttons, I want all of them!
This adorable little box contains everything you need to make one of Polly's clutches.
Almost everything is sold out (great!) but gift certificates are available in her shop.
Look for updates in 2010.

Another favorite from Bazaar Bizarre

All the way from Seattle! I didn't know she'd be here because I LOVE her calendars. I have gotten one for a gift before and long after the last page, I couldn't bear to get rid of it.
It's a mix of letterpress of silkscreen and her illustrations are so pretty.
Something about June is just so perfect.
See all the months and buy here.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gangs of San Francisco @ Bazaar Bizarre

Don't you love this jaunty gentleman?
Each shirt has its own bit of history on the tag.
All of the shirts are places that had their hay day but are now non existent. Larry, the designer and owner, researches and reads up on old San Francisco haunts and gets inspired to create a tangible memory.
What caught my eye were these clever displays with photos from the places featured on the shirts and a little info.
A bather at the Sutro Baths!
These shirts made me want to read up on California history.
Who knew there used to be a water slide on Haight Street?
Don't you want to be in this club?
Check out all the shirts here.
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