Sunday, December 27, 2009

Palo Alto Boutique

It's been a very busy holiday season. We were up north the week in between Bazaar Bizarre and Renegade so we decided to throw a northern California trunk show.
The view that greeted guests. The living room was the focal point, where all eating, drinking, and sitting took place.
This tree filled the room with it's fresh pine scent.
This was the welcome sign that guests saw once they stepped into the showroom.

The welcome table that had the order forms and door prizes.

My new pastry stand- from an antique shop in Orange.
Making of the sandwiches, recipes from here.
They turned out so pretty!

The salmon and cucumber was my favorite.

A neighbor made this wreath from a paper source kit, it turned out great! Available here

Wrap anything in ham to make it delicious.

The most delicious caramel apples, with dark chocolate+apricots+nuts.

The door prizes were various bookplates and address labels wrapped up in kraft paper with red+white twine. A jingle bell was tied on for a holiday touch.

The second boutique would not have been complete without some pink trees of its own.


  1. Your order forms and cake stands give me yearnings and longings! Squeeeee!!!



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