Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Paper Pastries at Unique LA

Our Holiday booth display!

A show special- fill a bakery box with your favorite cards.

Our Custom Corner- showcasing the weddings in Arkansas feature. I used to have a sign that said "ask about our custom stationery" but no one ever did! A little display got people interested.

A new addition to the Paper Pastries Custom Line- return address stamps.
You can get them in a font or hand written text, a great holiday gift.

Cut out letters detail. Don't you love those paper christmas lights?

The pencils have taken over a whole table!

When the space is available, we lay out all the stationery sets.

My team in their custom made aprons.
The ladies got brown aprons with pink pockets and the guys got pink aprons with brown pockets.

Thank you Polly!
Unique was great and I hope I get in to the spring show.
2 more holiday shows left this season- both in san francisco! I'm off to replenish my stock.


  1. Oh, thanks so much for framing and displaying our Weddings issue! We were so happy to include you. And, your guest post today with us is FABULOUS. One of my favorites.


  2. I LOOOOOVE your display! Do you have any tutorials on how you made those fabulous stands??

    1. it's quite an involved process but here's a bit to get you started: http://paperpastries.blogspot.com/2009/10/working-hard-or-hardly-working.html



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