Friday, January 29, 2010

Hand Carved stamps

Tomorrow is my Valentine's Card workshop at Outgrown Children's boutique. I thought it'd be fun to carve some simple heart shapes for them to stamp. I got this class pack of Staedtler carving blocks from Blick, they are 1.5 x 1.5 , perfect size for little hands to hold! It's been a while since I carved my own stamps but its pretty simple. You will probably gouge your finger {i did!} but that's part of the fun :)
First, draw your designs on tracing paper in pencil, make sure they fit on your size block.

Next, flip the tracing paper onto your block and rub the back of it. I used a bone folder, but a spoon will work.

Once your image has transferred, define the shape.
I got these cutting tools from my school art department, but I hear great things about Speedball cutters. I like using the straight edged blade, holding it vertically to trace the outline of the design.

Carve away from your design, and go slow! Don't watch SATC while watching it either, too distracting.

Ink, then stamp! You may want to adjust your design after you see it stamped. Don't be discouraged if the design isn't exactly what you pictured. Just don't go too crazy because its really easy to lose the original design.

These are the stamps I carved for the workshop tomorrow.

And how they look stamped. Hope the kids like them!
For an in depth tutorial on stamp carving, try this class.

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  1. I really love this idea. My daughter and I will have fun doing it.



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