Saturday, February 27, 2010

Housewarming Stationery

My friends bought a great spanish style apartment and I made them this stationery set as a housewarming gift.
All the stamps are from photos I took, you can see the photos here and here.

A half sheet with the kitchen tile stamped in blue.

The A2 envelope for the half sheet. The address is a rubber stamp too.

Folded cards for shorter notes.

Their fountain and address are stamped on the envelopes.

Custom Wedding Invitations

Here are a few of the wedding invitations I've worked on.

Calligraphy then letterpress printed by Oblation in Portland.

Calligraphy then flat printed.

text design then letterpress printed on koa wood.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Guess what's all over my house

I'm still feeling under the weather so I stayed in today and did some organizing of my file drawers. I have an entire drawer of glitter that I've never used. I printed out large letters in different fonts then traced them onto cards. Then I used a thin paint brush to apply pva glue inside the guides. If you try this, I suggest using a straight edge, it's hard to make the lines straight. I want to try different colors of cards and shapes instead of letters.
Hope you have a good weekend and don't forget about the home ec bake sale tomorrow.

all photos by margaret haas

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chef's Stationery Set

After months of talk- it's finally here!
A cook's stationery set to add to the collection.
A wooden spoon is stamped on each envelope flap.

It was so hard to decide on colors for these- what do you think?

The stationery set with the chef's pencils= great gift!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New product + giveaway!

I got inspired by all those great California postcards to make my own.
These are A2 Kraft postcards, and they are customizable!
What's your favorite city in California?
The first 4 to post a comment, get their customized postcard free!
also available in the shop- cute for save the dates!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

California Love

It's true + I'm so excited for my visit there this weekend.

The greatest movie theater- red velvet seats, cherry coke, + ice cream!

I mostly miss my views- from my window (above) and behind my building (below)

:) the weather forecast is stormy but that won't keep people away from this!
What's a rainy day when there's sunshine year round?
I love these postcards of my favorite state:

above 3 are from Yellow Owl Workshop.
The rest are postcards from local shops:

have a sunny weekend!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Paper Pastries' Baker's Dozen.
I originally envisioned this as one a month, but I will start with 6 times a year.
The Baker's Dozen will be a special project with a limited edition of only 13.
For February 2010, The Bacon Recipe book.

This book was cut and bound by hand. A butcher's cut of a pig is stamped and embossed on the cover.

Materials: recycled paper recipe cards, archival canson paper, acid free tape, linen book cloth.

It contains 7 hand set type, letterpress printed recipes. A pocket contains the recipes inside.

stamped and numbered.

Comes gift wrapped in Kraft paper with a red ribbon.

only 7 left!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Recap of Trunk Show @ Reform School

{Outdoor chalkboard decorated by Tootie, one of the owners.}
Saturday was a lot of fun! We had treats to snack on all day and a constant stream of people coming in.

Jill K's hamburger cookies!

Krank Press' chocolate cupcakes

Tony made brownies on behalf of paper pastries but they were not so beautiful- delicious though!

Krank Press Sewn notebooks + heart signs.

Owl Valentine's from Jill K.

PP had two tables up on the stage. I would blow kisses to try to get people to come in. Most of the time it worked!

Success! Now I have to get ready for LA Food Fest this weekend.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

New & Improved

I bet you know someone this would be perfect for.

After a lot of consideration and helpful suggestions, the state cards have new colors!
Texas is bold and beautiful in blue on this white card, and comes in a red envelope.
Red, white, and blue just like their flag.

New York needed to be...tougher. I thought of maybe a red card for the "big apple" but it just didn't work. I love the gray!

Big Sky Country- just seems fitting to be on blue.

Plus a new stationery set, with 6 cards and 6 envelopes.

Hello, I love you

I have been very busy! I've added some new designs to the line and updated a few old favorites for Valentine's day.

This could work for a friend, sibling, parent, or that special someone.


I love you honey and I miss you in special colors for V day.

A pack of 6 simple + sweet notes.

Don't forget, enter "candy" at checkout for 15% off, good until Valentine's Day!

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