Monday, February 1, 2010

Package from The Postage Service

I received the cutest package on Saturday!
I had ordered this set of flower vintage postal stamps and Christine included some extra treats and the sweetest note!

It's so hard to pick a favorite- but I think its the "United States in space- a decade of achievement"
I never thought these would be hard to use, but I find my hand not wanting to put them on the envelope!
I don't ever see myself using the Brooklyn bridge stamp.

I think these little sticker labels used to be security envelopes. What a great idea to repurpose them.
Thanks so much Christine I love them all!

{click on photos to enlarge}


  1. What is the web address for The Postage Service? I googled it to no avail...

  2. Those stamps look awesome! I am a stamp collector myself and I would sure love to have some of those beautiful stamps. I am just browsing though your site as I am having my espresso coffee here. Keep up the great posts. Thanks!

  3. the stamps ARE cute! what a nice surprise!



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