Monday, February 8, 2010

Recap of Trunk Show @ Reform School

{Outdoor chalkboard decorated by Tootie, one of the owners.}
Saturday was a lot of fun! We had treats to snack on all day and a constant stream of people coming in.

Jill K's hamburger cookies!

Krank Press' chocolate cupcakes

Tony made brownies on behalf of paper pastries but they were not so beautiful- delicious though!

Krank Press Sewn notebooks + heart signs.

Owl Valentine's from Jill K.

PP had two tables up on the stage. I would blow kisses to try to get people to come in. Most of the time it worked!

Success! Now I have to get ready for LA Food Fest this weekend.


  1. still kicking myself that i missed out on the fun. btw- i adore your new blog header!

  2. The hamburger cookies are hilarious! Love your blog by the way, I read it all the time :)

  3. Those hamburger cookies look awesome. I tried to do that one time, but I did not have the right recipe for it so it turned out to be hard as a rock. Thanks for posting these pics. Those cookies look yummy especially with an espresso coffee Great Post !!



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