Monday, March 29, 2010

Blogger to do

I'm trying to get more organized with the paper pastries shop and blog, I keep writing down little notes every where and then misplacing them! Now I have one designated place for it. I've made this downloadable list for myself and for anyone else who blogs. There is another one here, that was a little too decorative for me. I prefer clean and simple, especially if I'm printing at home.
This could work for anybody- not just bloggers. If you'd like a custom list for you, just leave a comment and I will provide a pdf.


  1. Love these both! Will be printing out a few pages when I get home. I really want to keep up with my blog so I think this will help a lot. Thanks:)

  2. You're so kind to offer to create custom PDF's for us! I love this blogger to-do list! Thanks so much!

  3. PS. I absolutely adore your name! "Paper Pastries" is so perfect! Well done.



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