Monday, March 8, 2010

The Diana Camera

{The first in the" toy camera" info series}

Plastic cameras are usually referred to as "toy cameras" but the fact is they take great photos!
quick facts-
first introduced in the early 1960's
known for its dreamy (sometimes blurry) photos
price: Around $100 new, prices vary for a vintage version.

The Diana is my favorite camera to use. I love that the results are unexpected and you don't have to put a lot of thought into taking the picture. One thing to consider before you buy the Diana is the costs you will incur.
The film is usually around $4 per roll- and that will get you between 12-16 pictures. Film developing varies, the most affordable I've found is from Dwayne's Photo, and locally, Freestyle Photo on Sunset blvd.
Here are some great examles of photos taken with the diana camera.

The next camera club meeting will be April 5, from 7-9 pm at Reform School, 3902 West Sunset Boulevard

Please feel free to email me any questions

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  1. Hi Margaret!
    I found your blog through Cakies. I love it, everything is awesome! I've been perusing through your blog for the past half hour! My girlfriend just bought me a Diana for my birthday & this camera club meeting sounds awesome!



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