Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Holga Camera

{fourth in the" toy camera" info series}

quick facts-
first introduced in the early 1980's
film: 120 medium format
Known for its light leaks, blurriness, and vignetting (darkened corners.)

When I hear Holga, I think of ghostly photographs- especially with black and white film. Seeing how this is a toy camera, the quality of the photos is really hit or miss. My holga is not great, but my friends is a dream. You can try one out, but I prefer the consistent "dreaminess" of the diana camera.

Some great examles of photos taken with the holga camera:

I've always liked holga portraits, this one is great.

Another fun thing to try with the holga are multiple exposures. Since the film doesn't automatically wind to the next frame, you can take two shots on the same negative. You can also get multiple exposures with the Diana Camera.

I was really surprised to find out this was taken with a holga- amazing!

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  1. love these shots. the dreamy effect really makes a difference.



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