Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Camera Club theme No. 1: California

California embodies the American dream of the tree lined streets, beautiful homes and of course, gorgeous weather. For this theme I took photos of different neighborhoods and the special touches their residents add to make it their own. The above photo is a turn of the century Victorian in Los Gatos, manicured to perfection.
a front yard garden in Hancock Park
Iconic palms
a tree swing for a little one
and a bench to drink your morning coffee
our next theme is "portrait"
i just have to get my camera fixed :)


  1. I love photos of people's neighbourhoods/cities. It's a personal insight to that person's life and loves, because you get to see what they think is beautiful to other people. A nicer perspective than the usual guidebook/tourism website :)

    Your photos are particularly beautiful.

    Ria xx



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