Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Power + Light Press and Lulu Dee @ Unique LA spring show

Kyle from Power + Light  and Laura from Lulu Dee shared their booth at Unique La this past weekend, and it was just one row away from my booth! I was there a lot :)
  This photo doesn't do this wedding invitation justice- it is poster sized! Next time, I will have something in there for reference. You have to see it in person! It's amazing.
 Power + Light's custom board.
  More Custom.
  Greeting cards that you can win- Giveaway No. 3
 A tall tree invite.

 And now some pretty prints from Lulu Dee:

 I could look at these colors all day.

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  1. i was at UniqueLA but i missed this booth! i so wish i had seen it~ i love the whale and im glad they have a store online :) thank God for the internet!



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