Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Recap of Pen Pal Meeting 4.12.10

Last night we made fortune cookies for our pals. Tootie found the idea found the idea from Martha Stewart.
First you start with a square of felt.

Then use a cup as a circle template- the top for a big circle, the bottom for a slightly smaller circle.

Trace around the cup.

Then cut out the circle.

For that fortune cookie shape, you'll need the help of a little piece of pipe cleaner. Snip off a piece that fits in the middle of your circle, making sure neither side comes to the edge.

Then glue the pipe cleaner down to the felt- this takes a while to fully dry, so you can cut out more circles in the meantime.

Or you can start on your message- you need to cut a piece of thin, white fabric.

Then write their fortunes or a message:

Once the glue has dried, fold together like a taco then pull the edges down to meet each other, this will bend the pipe cleaner inside, into place.

Insert your message, make sure a little bit sticks out, then sew the top of the "cookie"



  1. what a fun meet up and a lovely cute idea! :) xo.

  2. I have to do that! Thanks so much for the greatest idea!♥ -From Keisha in Ohio



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