Monday, April 12, 2010

Send me mail!

I am getting so excited about the spring+summer shows. I want to bring something new into my booth design- mail. Makes sense doesn't it ?
This is where you come in dear readers- I have designed four postcards, I'm asking you to send me one!

The top is upside down so when you cut it out and fold it together it will read right.
This is a double sided postcard, with my address already printed on the back.

You need a printer, cardstock (or any thicker than usual printer paper) and glue or tape.

Please write and tell me about yourself! I would love to get to know my readers.
You can add:
-your favorite product
-what you'd like to see added to the line/blog
-your blog/line
or anything you'd like!

My next show is Unique LA and I would love to have most of them by April 23rd.

I didn't cut my lines perfectly straight so don't worry- I won't judge ;)

Thank you gifts will be sent to the writers of the first postcard I receive + the postcard from furthest away.
I can't wait!

+ feel free to post on your blog, facebook, twitter- anything!

Please enjoy 15% off your entire order until April 23rd, enter "postcard" at checkout.

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