Monday, May 31, 2010

Start spreading the news

{i'm leaving wednesday}
I'm getting ready for Brooklyn Renegade and have a lot of loose ends to tie up before I can fully focus on the prepping + packing for the show. I will post a few things before I leave. In the meantime, check out other brooklyn artists here.  

Do you know Cathy of California?  We were talking about brooklyn and she had plenty of recommendations of must see places in new york, in no particular:

Weather forecast for the weekend is currently "scattered thunderstorms."  Let's hope for sunny skies.  I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing memorial day weekend.

photo from here

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Last but not least of the National Stationery Show 2010

Seeing Anna's designs in person made me realize that the photos, though they are great, don't do them justice. Her work is just unbelievably beautiful and I want to surround myself with it. 

With all of her different styles of invitations, it must be so hard for a bride to choose.

It's always great seeing Eva and Kirk of Sycamore Street Press. Check out her posts over on poppytalk, for more coverage of the NSS.

They debuted their new line at the show, isn't it great?

This was my first meeting with Two Trick Pony, though I'm very familiar with their line because its carried at ReForm School. I fell in love with this calendar, especially the month of may.

I really like their patterns and fonts.

Thats the end of the Stationery Show recap on my end but tons more to see:
Paper Crave
Oh so beautiful paper

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Greenwich Letterpress National Stationery Show 2010

I'm always excited to see what sisters Beth and Amy come up with and they didn't let me down. They have these new enamel bicycle pins that were made from an original drawing. Pink is my favorite.

Teenage couple pencils from your favorite 90's shows. 4 couples, 2 to each set. These aren't available yet, but when they are,  keep half, and give the other half to your best friend.

A tried and true favorite.

Had to get these.

I wish these were also available as everyday postcards.



Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Paper Delight

With so many diy projects around its easy for gems to be missed, I didn't want this one to get lost in the crowd. Amy from eat, drink, chic created these thank you cards for once wed,  I love how versatile this is, and so easy to modify to fit your needs.   

With a package this sweet it almost doesn't matter what your write inside the card. I hope it inspires some crafty projects.
all photos from amy moss

The Great Lakes National Stationery Show 2010

I saw lots of creative signs at the show but I really like how the great lakes carried this plaque design throughout their booth.

Every card had its own special paper tablet, I was compelled to inspect each one up close.

This one is already carried at Reform school and its my favorite.

This mini chalkboard is even more adorable in person. It would be perfect to hang up by your front door to leave any reminders or messages.  I think it was debuted at the NSS so its not available for purchase yet but as soon as it is, I'll be sure to get one.

Sugarcube Press National Stationery Show 2010

I really love this series using large wooden type. The colors are so fun.

I think it hatch show print made cards, they might look a little something like this.

I would love to see more cards in this style from them.

Great combining of two fonts.

And is this the cutest business card display you've ever seen? Real sugarcubes and sprinkles- so pretty.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Fugu Fugu Press National Stationery Show 2010

It's always a pleasure to see Shino and Ken of Fugu Fugu Press. I first met them last summer at Renegade LA.  I really loved their modern and minimalist wood display.

Their cards were perfectly spaced in clearly marked sections. These wooden signs won me over. Modern elegance!

I like how they weren't afraid to take their cards out of their clear sleeves- everything worked so well together.

That mom card is so great. Who needs a holiday to send mom a card?

Their line continues to be fresh and fun, I'm excited to see the new designs this team comes up with.

A. Favorite National Stationery Show 2010

Definitely MY favorite from the show. I'm so glad I finally got to meet Amber, I have admired her line for years.  This notebook paper table gave me one more reason to love her. How cute is it? I want it in my house!

I'm sure you've seen these typography cards- complete genius. 

Amber gave me a tote with this design on it, filled with candy, samples, and a notebook.

I am going to expand my online shop to include the cream of the crop of the stationery world and a. favorite is at the top of my list.

The Weekend

The right way to start off a Saturday is with a dutch pancake breakfast. My sister is an amazing cook.  You really have to watch these things puff up in the oven, as soon as you take it out it falls.

 It is so fluffy and good. 

We topped it off with some lemon juice mixed with powdered sugar and strawberries. After breakfast we went to the pharmacy, Michael's, the post office, and dropped off some film to be developed.

The photos were from a Valentine's day party and my funfetti 1 year blog birthday cake. Funfetti works in just about every situation! 

In the afternoon, my brother in law came over to help stamp and we worked straight for 6 hours. Then we went to Purgatory pizza, which is downtown on the other side of the river. It was alright, but not worth all the hype. 

My really good friends amy and scott got engaged! We enjoyed drinks together at a bar in the afternoon. The rest of sunday I cleaned up, did some laundry and tried to stamp more but my hands were too exhausted. Looking forward to being really productive this week- Brooklyn Renegade is quickly approaching!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

New York, New York

I love traveling to new places, but I think New York is my favorite place to visit again and again. All the food, from the food carts to fine dining, is the best!
Dinner at Fette Sau. Pick your meat by the 1/4 pound with great sides, baked beans, potato salad and pickles.
Before we saw Chicago we had drinks at the Campbell Apartment (my favorite nyc bar) and appetizers at the grand central oyster bar.  The tray turned out to be a little larger than expected but definitely delicious.
I only want to see broadway shows from now on. Seeing live performances makes me want to boycott movies.

Searching for Gray's Papaya ended in success. Late night hot dogs after seeing Chicago.
This was one of the best pizzas I've ever had: pepperoni, sun dried tomatoes, ricotta and basil from Patsy's.
Walking through the city we came across this street fair, full of tons of food booths.
This was the most impressive set up, you could see it from a mile away- I knew it would be great.
Buy a $10 cup and get free refills all day! 

I love deals. My favorite was the classic root beer.
Photos from national stationery show coming soon. 
Thank you to everyone who recommended places to visit. I'm going back in early June so if there are any more must sees {or eats}, let me know.
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