Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bigfoots in the hills

After many late nights and and a few broken hearts our window display is complete. There are fluffy clouds filling the sky, parachuting yetis, cardboard town houses, and fabric covered hills. Jimmy (our newest member of the ReForm School team) created the bigfoots out of clay, Tootie and Billie crafted the clouds, Virgie and I sewed the parachutes, and everyone worked on the hills. The clothesline in front was just up for our camera club meeting.

The yeti's were ferocious, yet fragile.

It's really a display, you have to see it in person.
{Please note that the pilot has a striped scarf}

Plus, we just got these sweet little air plants in wooden houses from "my house party." Great mother's day gift.

Hope you can stop by soon!

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