Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Recap of Photo Club Meeting 5.3.10

April's theme was "portrait." I'm embarrassed that I only had one photo to show. I took a roll of 12 photos and I only liked 1. The joy of film :) I've learned my lesson, I won't rely on one roll to get the pictures that I want. This month I will take 3 rolls of pictures. The photos above are by Donn, a new addition to our club.

The members are divided between three tables. Each member gives a brief description of their photos including location, type of camera used, printing method and any special techniques. I am often surprised by the different ideas, what I thought was taken with a polaroid land camera, turns out to be a digitally altered print. 

 Once everyone has discussed their photos, there is critique and time for questions.

 Then, every group picks their favorites, and they get pinned up in the front.

 Together, there is a group discussion about the favorite photos, so everyone has a chance to talk and ask questions together.  It gives people the opportunity to hear explanations of photos that weren't in their group.

I really liked the range that the theme covered. Above is a portrait of a central park statue, by Allison.

I asked in the llast meeting that for this photo assignment, members should step out of their comfort level. For this portrait, Stacy asked a stranger if she could photograph her, something she's never done before.

 Our portrait top picks, from left Joel, Keri, Sally, Stacy, and Donn.
Their photos will be up in the case by the end of the week.

May's theme: Neighborhood. This doesn't have to mean the neighborhood you live in, it could be where you went to college, where you grow up, or where you work- all themes are open to interpretation. If you can't make the meetings but would still like to be a part of the photo club, you can add your photos to our flickr page.  Be sure your photos are titled with the theme, and mention what type of camera you used.

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