Monday, May 10, 2010

The Weekend

I  got the Canon slr adaptor so I can attach my Diana Lenses to my digital camera.  Most of the photos I took turned out to be blurry, not dreamy. I'm still getting the hang of this new gadget. I'm excited to see what it can do, so far I think it works best with lots of natural light.  It's also available for Nixon cameras.

I liked two out of the 30 I took with the lens adaptor. I switched back to the regular lens for the rest of the weekend.

On Sunday, I dropped roses off to my mom and grandma for Mother's day, mom got pink.

Grandma got white roses, she loved them but 

her favorite flowers will always be the ones growing in her garden.

Tonight is the pen pal meeting at ReForm School at 7pm, everyone's welcome!


  1. Lovely images :) How cute is your grandma with her flowers :)

  2. what a cute grandma you have! i'd never heard of this adapter. super interesting. thanks for sharing.

  3. I love that smile, it blends with the roses!



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