Monday, May 24, 2010

The Weekend

The right way to start off a Saturday is with a dutch pancake breakfast. My sister is an amazing cook.  You really have to watch these things puff up in the oven, as soon as you take it out it falls.

 It is so fluffy and good. 

We topped it off with some lemon juice mixed with powdered sugar and strawberries. After breakfast we went to the pharmacy, Michael's, the post office, and dropped off some film to be developed.

The photos were from a Valentine's day party and my funfetti 1 year blog birthday cake. Funfetti works in just about every situation! 

In the afternoon, my brother in law came over to help stamp and we worked straight for 6 hours. Then we went to Purgatory pizza, which is downtown on the other side of the river. It was alright, but not worth all the hype. 

My really good friends amy and scott got engaged! We enjoyed drinks together at a bar in the afternoon. The rest of sunday I cleaned up, did some laundry and tried to stamp more but my hands were too exhausted. Looking forward to being really productive this week- Brooklyn Renegade is quickly approaching!

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  1. That cake looks amazing.

    PS The word verification is "stache". Gotta love a 'stache.



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