Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Beau Ideal

Beau Ideal was in the etsy email today. I scroll through these emails very quickly so a product has to be pretty great to catch my eye. I have never seen this card line before and am completely in love with it.  It is so hard to find cards in spanish that are well designed, these are also beautiful.

I have never seen a card line with so much variety of style. The more I see the more I like!

The most important thing is that these different styles work together. Anyone can mix different design styles but it takes an artistic eye to curate a cohesive line.

Her style ranges from graphic,

to darling illustrations,

to hand drawn type.

I have already contacted her in hopes that I will be able to carry her line in my soon to be expanded online shop.
Let's keep our fingers crossed!

In the mean time, check out her etsy shop.

all photos from beau ideal etsy

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